Why My New Stove Fan Can’t Work?

If you just received a GalaFire stove fan, it looks nice, no physical damage but never started on your stove, there must be something wrong, as all our stove fans had been well tested before ship to customers. Here are some tips for troubleshooting.

Check the wires connection.

From the back view, we can see connection of motor and the TEG(black wire at left, red wire at right), it is visible on model B530 and T400, the others are collected inside by a metal cover. Just have a simple inspection to make sure the wires connecting well, there is little probability of this part.

Check the operating temperature.

Attach a magnetic stove thermometer beside the fan base, if it’s even below 50°C/122°F, add more fuels to increase the temperature (make sure your stove is not heat resisted on top).

Check the operating position.

According to its work principle (“How does Heat Powered Stove Fan Works”), heat powered stove fan need a temperature difference to started, we should make the fan base getting heat, while the fan top keep cooling, if there is no enough temperature different, the fan will can’t start to work.So please check if your fan is away from chimney, heat dispensers, grilles, If nothing wrong with the position, we can go step

Hot Water Test.

Do Hot Water Test first. If the fan also can’t work under this test, it’s almost certainly that the TEG module got broken after some physical impacts during transportation. Solution: A new TEG module need to be replaced to fix the problem.

How to replace the TEG of a heat powered stove fan


Please feel free to contact for support if any problem in using the stove fan.

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