How to Operate a Heat Powered Stove Fan Correctly and Efficiently?

GalaFire heat powered stove fan is ready to use out of box.Just placed at the right position on the top of stove,when getting hot enough,the fan started itself and spinning more and more faster as temperature increasing;slowing down and gradually stop when fuels burned out.


Operating Temperature

  1. It’s refers to temperature on the stove top,where the fan standing on,so always attach a stove thermometer besides the fan base to monitor it would be necessary.
  2. Work Temp: 50°C-350°C (122°F-662°F)
  3. Optimum Temp: 250°C(482°F)
  4. DO NOT exceed 350°C (662°F) to avoid TEG damaged.
  5. If Max temperature even below 100°C(212°F),don’t suggest purchase it,because the stove fan will work far below expectation at such temperature.

• DO NOT exceed 350°C (662°F) to avoid TEG damaged

Operating Position

According to the work principle of heat powered stove fan (>> “How does Heat Powered Stove Fan Works” ),placed at optimum position could make the most effective and avoid TEG damage by overheating.

  1. Do not place it in front of chimney or too close to chimney,keep a distance at least 4’’
  2. Away from heat sources like heat dispensers,grilles,wall,etc
  3. Keep distance with any obstacles when spinning

By correct operation,GalaFire wood stove fans can benefit you much and service long time.
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