How Does Heat Powered Stove Fan Works

Heat powered stove fan use thermoelectric technology (Seebeck Effect) to convert a temperature difference into electricity. At the center of the fan,there is a thermoelectric generator (called TEG Module).When the stove fan been placed on the top of stove,heat from the stove travelling up from the fan base to the underside of the TEG,the TEG module generates electricity by having a hot side and a cooler side (temperature difference),to powers the motor and drives the fan.The larger temperature difference,the faster it can runs.

So when operating a heat powered stove fan,to maximize its effective,we should placed the fan at a position where where it makes the largest temperature difference,the fan base getting heat as more as it can,while the fan top keep cooling. >> Where is the best position of operating a heat powered stove fan

GalaFire self-powered stove fans started from temperature as low as 50°C/122°F,no extra electricity required.Highly increased your stove efficiency and cut your fuel bills.

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